Design Matters
Because People Matter

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If we're frank - all business is people’s business. We are on this planet together. So everything we do, everything we produce, everything we consume has to put people first. Otherwise, we're all out of business. 

Design helps to realise your brand potential. 

Not just as icing on the cake, but as a means to identify opportunities across your entire value chain. Our goal as design managers is to support you in building better brands. By better, we mean designing brands and businesses that are aligned with the UN's global sustainable development goals.

So, here’s an open invitation: 



Let’s pump up the


to the fullest...


We urge you to max out your potential. Whether you are deep diving into new segments, seeking new market opportunities or like us, wanting to take your brand to a higher level. For any challenge, big or small…

We are here to help


Define the task

Match your challenge with the right resources

Design processes

Open eyes

Build design teams

Create roadmaps

Define both KPIs and ROI

Facilitate workshops and manage processes

And create sustainable brand potential


We think design


Volum2 is an independent brand and design management agency, helping companies create serious impact and realise their sustainable brand potential using multidisciplinary design processes, tools and techniques.

We are both seasoned and experienced brand and design managers, eager to see a brighter future. Our purpose in life is to help people to see the potential in using design to create better, stronger brands.

So we never stop questioning the status quo, but rather dive deep into any challenge without hesitation and, more often than not, we come back up again with rays of light.

Jannicke Øiaas Design Manager & Founding Partner +47 416 33 653

Jannicke Øiaas

Design Manager & Founding Partner

+47 416 33 653

Caroline von Hoyningen-Huun Design Manager & Founding Partner +47 90 66 55 52

Caroline von Hoyningen-Huun

Design Manager & Founding Partner

+47 90 66 55 52




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